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So, who is Tony Grogan?

First of all I am a child of God. Never perfect, not always focussed, but His all the same. I attend Newspring Church in Anderson, SC, with my family and I LOVE MY CHURCH!

Second, I am a husband of one wonderful wife. Again, I am never perfect, and not always focussed, but hers alone. She has to deal with me, so, give her respect!

Third, I am a father of four great kids, inspite of all my failures as a parent. All between the ages of sixteen and twenty. You can take my country, my health, my life, but intentionally harm my kids and I will kill you!

Fourth, I am a thirty year veteran in the engineering field. Started off doing drawings and designs for a local machine shop, with led, velum, t-square and compass. Worked on aircraft carriers, submarines, tankers, mining machinery, electrical distrubution gear, machine design, and now, automotive bearings. I love creating things and solving problems. See my resumé.

Fifth, I am a web junky. I love tinkering with websites. Again, the creating things.

My favorite movies: The Patriot, Braveheart, Facing the Giants, Fireproof

My favorite TV shows: NCIS, Holmes on Homes, Andy Griffith

My favorite fiction authors: Tom Clancy, Frank Peretti, Clive Cussler, Tim LaHaye

My favorite non-fiction authors: John, Paul, Billy Graham, Rick Warren, Max Lucado, Steven Furtick

My favorite sports: Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Football, Rugby

My Favorite musicians/groups: Newsong, Third Day, Rascal Flatts, Carol Strickland

My favorite leisure: Camping, Reading, Just sitting on a beach, any beach

My favorite Christian mentors: Brance & Ruby Grogan(my grandparents), Perry Noble, Ronnie Hodge, Steven Furtick, Andy Stanley, Tony Nolan, Ergun Caner, Johnny Hunt

My favorite destination: Eleauthera(Bahamas)

Hire me!

I have spent the past thirty years in my current engineering career, I figure I will have to work another thirty years before I can afford to retire. I would like to spend the next thirty plus years in a ministry position serving Christ fulltime. If you have something in mind that would allow me to be creative, solve problems, use my technical knowledge, work with internet development/interactions, my interests, etc, please contact me. I am not afraid to seek further education if required.

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