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June 7, 2009 by admin

Battle is one those slang baseball words. When you are down two strikes and facing a pitcher that rarely throws balls, you are battling.

I am going to ad this slang to my position in this economy. I have been battling!

Strike One!

As of January 1st of 2009, I was thrown a fast ball that I did not even see coming. In an instant, I was basically laid off from my job as a Mechanical Designer/Supervisor, then rehired as a technician, and told to just go back to work doing the same job I had already been doing. And especially, don’t tell anyone else about this as they don’t want to start a panick. Management and HR just sat there looking at me like they had done me this tremendous favor. I was being blessed by not being permanently laid off. Oh… and I almost forgot the most important part. I was also expected to continue to support my family of six on 25% less pay. Well, I was Blessed, not by my employer, but by God. Somehow we have been able to live on the reduced wages, without  alot of grief. Only a miracle of prayer could have pulled that off!

Strike Two!

The pitcher just threw an inside curveball that I just fouled off! Just got word that we are now going down to a four day work week, indefinately. Let’s see, whats that? Oh just another 20% pay cut. This one’s going to hurt! Oh, I know I am still Blessed to be working in times like these. I could be standing in that slaughter house we call the unemployment office. God truly is Good! We will survive this, through prayer… and fasting. We place our trust in Him.

Battle, Batter, Battle!

We are battling. cutting everywhere we can. Cable, land line telephone, insurance, etc. I am beating the bushes to a pulp looking for another Design job. I have several internet projects on the burners. Come on baby, boil! We are praying and fasting(saves grocery money too!). Time to get serious.

Hey, Mr. President, I know you promised change in your campaign, but don’t you think you changed a little too much!

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