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Long row to hoe!


June 1, 2010 by admin

"Long Row to Hoe"We started our adoption over two years ago with a thought, lots of prayer, and much discussion. But today it is over. We now have a brand new bouncing baby 16 year old boy. We now feel we are complete. We had three kids of our own, a 19 year old daughter and 16 year old boy/girl twins. Its always said two’s company and three’s a crowd; but I must add the four’s a party!

We learned of our new son through our kids over four years ago. He was new to their school, coming to our area as a foster child. He and my son became instant friends. His new foster parents were also the natural parents of one of my wife’s best friends. He soon became a fixture in all our outings, a frequent guest in our home and we just naturally made him part of the family before we even entertained the idea of adoption.

One day, after he had been in our community for about two years our kids all came in from school upset by the fact that he was going to be moved to a different part of our state, pretty much against his will. Over the next few weeks we came to learn that he had previously told his case workers that if the opportunity arose to be adopted, that he would like that. However, that was before he came to love his foster parents and become intertwined in community, the school and sports. He very much wanted to stay where he was, and was at the age where he should have been able to make that decision. The “system” had other ideas. He even began making plans to hide from the “system”.

It was at this point we started talking about adoption, and as stated before, with much prayer and discussion, we decided as a family to make him an addition to our family, if we could qualify. I won’t go into details here all the hoops we had to jump through, nor all the trees we sacrificed for paper work, I will say it was not easy. Would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY!

Why should a known good, moral family, with a known financially stable home, not immediately be approved for the adoption of a child in need, especially when the child has already been legally cleared for adoption? The “system” is full of kids that need immediate, stable homes, someone to love them and to encourage them. There are families willing to take them in, but unable or unwilling to go through what we went through to complete the adoptions. I know the “system” was created to protect the children, but like most government industries it becomes a demon of its own. The longer the process takes, the longer demon can feed itself, and the bigger it gets, thus needing even more feeding.

It been a long row to hoe, but welcome home Son, welcome home!

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